Feb 23 – 26, 2021
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Diffractive Dijet Photoproduction in Proton-lead Collisions

Feb 24, 2021, 5:25 PM
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Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214

Zoom Passcode: 990417

Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214 Zoom Passcode: 990417 Zoom Meeting ID: 923 8976 9214


Cole Lindsey (KU)


At particle colliders, there exists a subset of events where the distance between the interacting particles is actually greater than the sum of their radii, yet they are still able to interact electromagnetically. These are known as ultra-peripheral collisions, and such collisions between protons and lead nuclei offer a unique probe of the parton structure of the proton. By utilizing pseudorapidity gaps (angular regions void of particles) in the final state, it is possible to isolate interactions where there is the exchange of a photon off the nucleus and a two-gluon exchange off the proton (pomeron exchange). Such collisions can be utilized to directly probe the gluonic structure of the proton with an electromagnetic probe. Events such as these have been studied at HERA, but currently there exists a gap at the LHC where we can utilize the much larger energies to get a higher resolution than previously studied. The measurement I am working on with CMS makes a bridge between what we can do at the LHC and what will be done at a future Electron Ion Collider.

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