Feb 23 – 26, 2021
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AGILE: Development of a compact, low power, low cost and on-board detector for ion identification and energy measurement.

Feb 25, 2021, 5:55 PM
Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214 (Zoom Passcode: 990417)

Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214

Zoom Passcode: 990417

Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214 Zoom Passcode: 990417 Zoom Meeting ID: 923 8976 9214


Florian Gautier


“AGILE (Advanced enerGetic Ion eLectron tEle- scope) instrument is being developed at KU and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to be launched on board a CubeSat in 2022. AGILE instrument aims at identifying a large variety of ions (H-Fe) in a wide energy range (1-100 MeV/nucl) in real-time using fast silicon detectors and read-out electronics. This can be achieved by the first use of real-time pulse shape discrimination in space instrumentation. This method of discrimination relies on specific amplitude and time characteristics of the signals produced by ions that stop in the detector medium. AGILE will be able to observe, in-situ, the fluxes of a large variety of particles in a wide energy range to advance our knowledge of the fundamental processes in the Universe as well as getting a better understanding of space weather that affects human activities in space. I will present the current stage of development of the instrument, the discrimination method used, and the current design of the instrument to launch in June 2022.”

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