Feb 23 – 26, 2021
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A search for circumbinary substellar objects orbiting three post-common envelope binaries

Feb 23, 2021, 5:05 PM
Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214 (Zoom Passcode: 990417)

Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214

Zoom Passcode: 990417

Zoom Link: https://kansas.zoom.us/j/92389769214 Zoom Passcode: 990417 Zoom Meeting ID: 923 8976 9214


Ms Xinyu Mai (University of Kansas)


In recent discovery, detailed modeling of eclipse timing variations (ETVs) of the Post-common-envelope binary has resulted in the claimed detection of multiple circumbinary companions. We combine recent primary eclipse timing observations with previously published values to solve for possible substellar companions that can account for the observed timing variations for three sub-dwarf short-period stellar binary systems. We also analyze the orbital stability of the proposed systems using numerical simulation of orbital dynamics and testing for chaotic behavior over long timescales. For HS2231+2441, we find that the timing data is consistent with a constant period and that there is no evidence to suggest orbiting planets. For HS0705+6700, we present a 3-planets solution with long-term stability. For HW Vir, our data show that period variations cannot be modelled simply by circumbinary companions. This implies more complex processes other than the influence of planetary companions might be the cause of the observed eclipse timing variations.

Type of contribution Oral contribution (20 minutes)

Primary authors

Ms Xinyu Mai (University of Kansas) Dr Robert Mutel (University of Iowa)

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