KU Physics & Astronomy LOcally Organized Assembly (PALOOZA) 2023

G192 (Slawson Hall)


Slawson Hall

1420 Naismith Dr, Lawrence, KS 66045

Welcome to the third annual PALOOZA! Having been organized by and for Physics & Astronomy students for the past two years, we are excited to bring in our interdisciplinary friends in the Chemistry department.

PALOOZA is a one day event wherein students are able to give 20 minute talks or present posters about their current research so we can learn what our colleagues are doing, learn something new while doing so and get to know each other a little better. Undergraduates are welcome too!

The event takes place in a hybrid format this year on Saturday, March 25th, starting at 9 am. Those interested in attending in person can meet in Slawson Hall, G192 and Ritchie Hall 165. Zoom coordinates are below. Food and drink will be offered both in the morning as a breakfast and afternoon as a lunch.

This event is supported by the University of Kansas Department of Physics & Astronomy. 




Meeting ID: 972 7216 6431
Passcode: 100539





PALOOZA 2023 Registration
  • Alec Lininger
  • Alisa Nozdrina
  • Ashley Lieber
  • Benjamin Moreau
  • Berg Dodson
  • Caelan Lovell
  • Caitlin McEntee
  • Cosmsos Dong
  • dave besson
  • David Coria
  • Esther Holt
  • Fatimah Rudayni
  • Hiroko Kobayashi
  • Jack King
  • Jacob Scott
  • Johnpaul Mbagwu
  • Justin Anguiano
  • Kasun Wekasinghe
  • Kim Conger
  • Kushal Rijal
  • Margaret Lazarovits
  • Matt Zupan
  • Mattie Gordon
  • Mohammad Ful Hossain Seikh
  • Neema Rafizadeh
  • Neno Fuller
  • Thresa Kelly
  • Xinyu Mai
  • Yoni Brande