The week of June 6, there will be the first interdisciplinary research seminar between the University of Kansas and the University of Catania. Both institutions have been collaborating in research projects for several years, particularly in the area of pharmacology, analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry. 

This is a meeting in a hybrid format. The in-person discussion will take place at Ritchie Hall, Room 268 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday),  Wednesday is on ZOOM only. 

This seminar series will be organized the week of June 6 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday), and will consist of four sessions of 1 hour per day. This will provide the opportunity to present various research topics, introduce researchers from both institutions, and ultimately explore any possible research questions of common interest at both institutions. 

This year, the interdisciplinary research seminar will be focused on exploring synergies between physics and pharmacology. We have invited researchers from both institutions to participate.  

We have invited the following researchers:

From the University of Kansas

Prof. Christian Schöneich, Takeru Higuchi distinguished professor and department chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof. John P. Ralston. Theoretical physicist, Department of Physics and Astronomy

From the University of Catania/Company

Prof. Luca Lanzanò, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy “Ettore Majorana”, University of Catania 

Prof. Filippo Caraci, Associate professor, Department of Drug and Health Sciences and Deputy Rector for Technology Transfer at the University of Catania,

Prof. Giuseppe Caruso, Assistant professor, Department of Drug and Health Sciences, University of Catania

All the talks will be at Noon US Central time, which is 7:00 PM Catania time. While there will be the possibility to do in-person discussions, all participants will be available to connect on ZOOM.  

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

Co-organizers of the seminar series:

Dr Daniel Tapia Takaki

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas

Dr. Giuseppe Caruso

Assistant Professor, Department of Drug and Health Sciences, University of Catania


Ritchie Hall, Room 268